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From manufacturing to installation

WIZE® s'inscrit parfaitement dans la chaîne de production des industriels depuis la fabrication des systèmes électriques jusqu'a leur intégration dans des systèmes complexes pour les secteurs aéronautiques, spatial, industriel et ferroviaire.

From a simple cable to a complete wiring of a complex system

  • Can be use on a stand-alone basis
  • Adaptable through its capabilities of adding test points and specific features
  • Deployable distribued around a large system (plane, train or satellite)
  • Maintenance by build in self-testing
    Simplicity of exchange of constituents


From 64 à 65000 test points

  • continuity, non continuity and localization into low voltage stage
  • Hight voltage isolation up to 6000 V
  • More than100 tests per second

  • Rapid localization of defects isolation
  • Capable of low capacity measures
  • Fonctionnal test and characterization of resistors, capacitors and diodes
  • Manual or automatic execution intuitive and user friendly man-machine interface


A complete range of testers

           wize real1  wize m  wize s1500  wize val


WIZE® wired testers are used to validate the full integrity of cables, wires and harnesses. Their ability to control switchable elements also allows functional tests to be performed.

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WIZE® is a registered trademark of SPHEREA Test & services


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